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Flash Brackets

Telephoto Flash Bracket

For lenses with a tripod collar

For telephoto flash work, day or night, KES Telephoto flash bracket is an indispensable tool for outdoor photographers everywhere. This bracket enables you to produce the much needed catch light or foreground fill lighting for your subject.

This new telephoto flash bracket has two ways to mount on your system.  It can be mounted on a new KES Arca-style lens plate equipped with a KC1FPA Quick Release Plate or mount directly to a double dovetailed designed lens plate.  Simply slide the Telephoto Flash Bracket over the KC1FP or the double dovetailed lens plate and tighten the Quick Release knob for a secure and fast installation.

Also the knob at the top allows you to quickly and easily tilt your flash unit upward or downward up to 45 degrees.

NOTE: This Telephoto flash bracket REQUIRES a KES lens plate or camera adapter. For information on compatibility with other systems, please call 800-626-5074.

Macro Flash Bracket

For camera bodies

These Macro flash brackets are designed for installation on camera bodies and lenses. We offer 2 different models. All offer a deluxe multi-joint system to allow positioning of your flash.

These brackets are designed to be used as hand held flash brackets or to be quickly mounted directly on to their designated tripod head.



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