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I spent the first 23 years of my life living in the midwest - Wisconsin to be precise. From a young age I learned to appreciate the natural world. Family camping trips and adventures to the boundary waters of Minnesota are among just a few of the wonderful memories I have of home that instilled a sense of wonder in me that I haven't lost to this day. Ten years ago I moved to Breckenridge, Colorado with no real idea of what I wanted to do with my life. I'd always had an interest in photography. I had also always had an interest in nature. I eventually figured out that it would make sense to combine the two, and I was addicted right out of the gate. I dove into nature photography head first and haven't looked back since. The more I see, the more obsessed I become with seeing what else is out there. There's nothing I'd rather be doing. More than anything, I like to share my experiences with others through my images. My work has been published in magazines, greeting cards and calendars and they are all available on my website as exclusive limited edition fine art prints.

With that, I hope you enjoy browsing my website and I encourage you to stop back soon to check in with me and my latest adventures.


I've had a fascination with nature since I was a kid. Growing up around the lakes and rivers of Wisconsin gave me many opportunities to get an up close look at nature. I currently live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The two places I've lived couldn't be much more different in terms of the landscape, but each offer their own unique look at nature and the environment. That's one thing I've really taken notice of while traveling and taking photos. It doesn't matter where you are, nature is all around us. Granted, there are places that are seemingly less natural than others, but that doesn't mean nature isn't everywhere. Picking up a camera and documenting these things has really opened my eyes to this. The world through the lens of a camera is much more simplified than reality, but a photo still shows something real. It shows something real that some people may have a hard time noticing without seeing it isolated in a photograph. It is that idea that really drives me as a photographer. A photograph is just a photograph, but you never know who it might touch on a deeper level.

As a photographer, I strive to document the scene as closely to real life as possible. None of my photos have been manipulated to show anything that wasn't part of the scene or remove anything that was part of the scene. Nothing has been added or taken away. All of my animal photos are of free and truly wild animals, none were taken in game farms or under controlled circumstances of any kind. You can be sure when looking at my photographs that you are looking at images of real moments in time.