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John Gerlach earned his wildlife ecology degree from Central Michigan University in 1977. After graduation, he followed his burning passion to become a professional nature photographer and photo educator. With his in-depth science background and dedication to nature photography, he quickly mastered close-up, landscape, and wildlife photography.

John is a dynamic public speaker. His enthusiasm for photography and willingness to share his knowledge makes him an inspirational photography instructor. Over four decades, John has taught hundreds of field workshops and one-day seminars. John leads several winter photo tours of Yellowstone National Park and has led dozens of photo tours to the best game parks - Samburu, Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara - Kenya offers. His next tour will be in September of 2017. Since 1986, John has taught his in-depth macro and landscape photo workshops near Munising, MI during August and for fall color in October.

John is an expert at photographing hummingbirds with natural light and multiple flash. He teaches two or more workshops at the fabulous Bull River Guest Ranch near Cranbrook, BC during May. Multiple flash lets the photographer freeze the wings as they hover at a flower, revealing the intricate details and colors of these wonderful birds. John is expanding his hummingbird workshops to Ecuador, Colombia, and Costa Rica.

John is an innovator in outdoor flash photography who has pioneered many new methods for using flash to light close-ups and landscapes. The flash program John presents will open a whole new way for you to think about and use flash. His book explaining outdoor flash techniques will be published in the spring of 2017.

A prolific author, he has written a column called Field Notes for Nature Photographer since its inception decades ago. John’s instructional best-selling books on photography include: Digital Nature Photography: The Art and the Science, Digital Landscape Photography, Digital Wildlife Photography, Close Up Photography in Nature, and his upcoming new book, Outdoor Flash Photography (to be published in Spring of 2017.)

Please view his articles and images and learn about his workshops at:

Many of his latest images are posted on his personal Flickr page at: